• No, GM vehicles are not death traps

    GM is one of the most respected companies in motor vehicle manufacturing industry. Though it might have produced defective units accidentally, the action it took to recall them shows that it is committed towards producing quality vehicles. As such, having accidentally produced such defective units should not be taken as if all of its products are death traps.

  • All cars are death traps.

    All vehicles are prone to have some issues, and General Motors has certainly proven this to us. I think the amount that we are paying for these vehicles, they should be able to afford to do better testing on the cars before putting them out to sell and finding out the problems via their customers.

  • No,GM vehicles are actually quite safe.

    No,GM vehicles are actually quite safe.I think that accident occurs due to human.It's complete human fault and it does not worth to blame GM vehicles. the GM recall covers 2003 to 2014 models, with an average of less than 2
    deaths per year possibly linked to the known defect, making it one of
    the rarest causes of death. In May of this year alone 5 Americans were
    killed by lightning. It could easily be argued that trees, if only for
    the danger of standing under them during a thunderstorm, are more
    dangerous than GM cars in terms of this defect

  • No, just becasue some of GM cars have gone bad does not mean all of the vehicles are.

    No, just because some of GM cars have gone bad does not mean all of the vehicles are. I feel that a recall can give your company a bad reputation very quickly these days. I don't feel that GM is doing all of this on purpose they seem like a wonderful company overall to me.

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