• Yes, I perfer name brands.

    I think when it comes to medications I have noticed less side effects when I take the name brand over the generic, especially when it comes to heart burn medication which is something I take regularly. I notice that the name brand works faster and lasts longer than the generic version.

  • No they are the same

    No, all of these medications are the same and they will end up doing the same thing. You are just paying for the brand name. The same medication goes into the generic and non-generic medications. Generics work just as good as the brand name does and they are just much more expensive.

  • I do not care if my medications are brand names or generics as long as they work.

    When it comes to medicine a good brand name means next to nothing. Generic drugs are composed in an almost identical manner to those made by better brands. This means that they will work in exactly the same way as the more expensive brand names and will address medical issues in the same way.

  • Generics are better

    Most generic medications are completely identical to the name brands. Yet they cost much less to purchase. There is really no downside to choosing the generic alternative. Why should anyone pay more for the same product. It is not worth it to pay for a name and some fancy packaging.

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