Genetically modified foods: Are genetically modified foods (GM foods) beneficial?

  • Yes they are.

    Genetically modified foods (GM Foods) are very beneficial. They have little downside and in the future they will have no downsides as scientists develop better genetically modified foods. Genetically modified foods are more resistant to harsh weather, they grow faster and have a higher yield along with being resistant to diseases.

  • GM Foods Fight Drought, Diseases and Pests

    Genetically modified foods are most certainly beneficial in that they have higher yields due to resistance to droughts, pests and diseases. Genetic modification isn't a bad thing when you consider how many people on this planet starve to death or don't get enough food in developing nations. GM crops can be grown in places not usually suited to such plants so local ecosystems can develop sustainable agriculture for future generations.

  • Yes, they are better.

    Yes, genetically modified foods are beneficial, because they are the best foods available. A food is chosen to be genetically modified because it is the best available. Genetically modified foods are stronger, and they are available at lower costs. Genetically modified foods are simply a farmer's way of doing his job more efficiently. They are beneficial.

  • Genetically modified foods could be beneficial.

    Genetically modified foods could be beneficial. It depends on what the food is but I think with more advancement in this field that we could produce some food that would be both tasty and nutritious to the body. However, there is still some concern that this food is bad for you.

  • I wish there was a "sort of" option

    In general I avoid GM Foods as much as possible, but that is because I have access to plenty of healthy non-GM Foods. Not everybody does. It can be beneficial for people in parts of the world who have difficulty growing crops or are malnourished. It allows nutrients to be places in foods where normally foods with those nutrients would not be available.

  • GM has great benefit

    There are many reasons. For example we can add many vitamins to the fruit or vegetables. Also we can add some vaccine such as banana that has hep C vaccine. More over genetic food has ability to be resistant to many diseases, so in many cases farmers do not need to using pesticides.

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  • Never Beneficial !

    I feel like its the new world orders idea to have GM foods its not healthy and never will be in any kind of way just un honest. Some farmers are forced to torture our animals, our food is not grown like how they are suppose to be and that is honest.

  • No, not for general use.

    Genetically modified foods may allow more food to be grown in a smaller area, but what it is doing to that food and the land it is grown on is still debatable. It would seem that the bad outweighs the good and that we should not be growing food this way to save money and increase convenience.

  • Genetically modified foods pose potential health risks.

    Genetically modifying foods could have dangerous effects we are not even aware of currently. Food in its natural form is what is healthiest for our bodies. When we modify food we are changing its chemical make-up and therefore altering its effect on our bodies. If a food is modified by adding unnatural chemicals we are then putting substances into our bodies that were never meant to be there and could be detrimental to our health in the long run.

  • Genetically Modified Foods Are Detrimental

    Genetically modified foods are detrimental to our health rather than beneficial. Up until this point, very little research has been done on these foods. They could pose serious long-term health problems, but we don't know yet. More research needs to be performed before GMOs are allowed into mainstream use in our food supply.

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