Genetically modified foods: Are GM foods good for the environment?

  • Yes they are.

    Genetically modified foods (GM Foods) are good for the environment. They are much more resistant to deadly strains of viruses and harsh weather conditions, so they will live longer and produce more oxygen. These also make it so humans are not messing with the environment more because their food got killed.

  • GM foods can be good.

    Genetically modified foods can be great for the environment as long as they follow the right protocols. I think that genetically modified foods have a place in society as they can offer many great things to people that ingest them. They can also be bad too, so it is all perspective.

  • Yes, they are efficient.

    Yes, genetically modified foods are good for the environment, because they allow farmers to produce more food for more people. Genetically modified foods also lower the prices of healthy foods, which helps people of lower incomes be able to afford healthy foods. Genetically modified foods help us all each healthier for a lower cost. They allow farmers to produce more in a smaller space, which helps the environment.

  • No they are not

    GMO foods are definitely not good for the environment and we don't really even know the long term effects of eating and consuming GMO food as well. They should be limited and labeled so that consumers can know that they are consuming GMO foods or try to ignored them too.

  • GM Foods Do Not Help the Environment

    Genetically modified foods do not help the environment. Major GM food companies, such as Monsanto, dictate the growing of their product by punishing those who grow crops nearby. Genetically modified foods, like any other crop, spread throughout the countryside through normal processes. Wind carries seeds to other fields, polluting their product in other crops. We do not know the long-term effects of GM foods. Until we understand the effects better, GM foods are not good for the environment, or for people.

  • GM foods are good for the environment.

    GM foods are good for the environment. Genetically modified foods creates more food for the farmers to produce by cutting down on pesticides and increasing their crop production. We have fewer pesticides going into the air and the ground because of this it is good for the environment and everyone around them.

  • Food should be eaten naturally

    I am against any type of human tampering when it comes to the environment especially when it involves food. The chemicals that they might be using may be harming the insects that around the area and may even transform some insects into being immune to certain pesticides that we use to control them.

  • No, GM foods are not good for the environment

    GM foods may or may not be good to eat but I don't think we can say that they are good for the environment. First of all, there is not enough regulation and/or information. The FDA leaves a lot of the regulation up to the companies that make the food. Food that has been genetically modified should be labeled as such so that the consumer has a choice.

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