Genetically modified foods: Are GM foods safe/healthy for consumers?

  • No credible evidence to the contrary

    There has been no credible evidence the GM foods are unsafe or unhealthy in any way. The companies that own the gene patents certainly aren't above suspicion, but we have an overpopulation problem in our world and have an awful lot of people to feed. It's just the same a selectively breeding plants to increase yield and disease resistence.

  • Most of them are

    Many alterations in GMOs are perfectly fine for consumption and there is nothing to indicate that they are problematic. This hasn't been the case for all of them, there have been some misses out there, but GMOs provide benefits to many strands of crops, such as making it possible for certain crops to grow in areas they never could previously.

  • GM foods are proven safe and healthy.

    We are finally at the point where we can no longer say we don't know the long term impacts of genetically modified foods on human health. It's been over two decades. We know what's going on. And despite the keening and wailing from the anti-science paranoids, GM foods have been proven to be 100% safe, 100% healthy.

  • No one has died yet!

    We have been eating Genetically Engineered Crops for years and no one has keeled over and died just from eating them. There have been lots of tests and research done on Genetically Engineered Crops. The USDA and FDA have decided that Genetically Engineered Crops are perfectly safe to eat. Besides, as technology advances, we could create a genetically engineered form of something like rice that has all the nutrients needed for humans. This would allow people in poor countries to get the nutrients that they need. So yes, Genetically Engineered Crops are beneficial to humans.

  • No, we currently don't know if GMOs are safe.

    We currently don't know if genetically modified foods are safe and healthy for consumers. It will probably take decades, or even longer, to truly know their impact. One of the biggest concerns is for people who have severe food allergies. If scientists are crossing two species that never would naturally, and a food looks like another food but has genes from one someone is allergic to, would it cause an allergic reaction? There are too many things we don't know yet about GMOs. They could be perfectly safe, but they might not be.

  • We Just Don't Know

    There have not been any proper studies to find out if genetically modified foods are indeed safe or healthy for consumers. This is why a lot of people are calling to have these products labeled, because they want to know what they are consuming. Studies need to be organized so we can better determine if these products are indeed safe.

  • No, they aren't safe

    There hasn't been enough research done to prove that GMO foods are safe. Some countries have completely banned GMO foods because of the possible health risks associated with them. Also, if a seed from a GMO field blows away and lands in another farmer's field, that farmer can be sued for growing GMO food even though it wasn't their fault.

  • Return to fruits and vegetables

    Time and time again we are told that our bodies have more chemicals in them than any time in human history. It does not take a genius to figure out why that is. We use chemicals for cleaning and we are not using genetically modified foods to put in our bodies. We need to return to nature and eat the way God intended for us to eat. There is nothing wrong with fruits, vegetables, and nuts. We would all be a lot healthier if we had not strayed away from that.

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