Genetically modified foods: Are the alternatives to GMOs insufficient?

  • They are enough

    GMOs are better than regular foods and regular foods cannot support the needs of the world in demand. GMO foods tend to be more insect resistant and can often times taste better than other foods as well. GM foods are in no doubt better than regular ordinary non GMO foods.

  • GMOs provide necessary attributes

    I support the development and use of genetically modified foods (GMOs). This new technology has developed strains of plants that are resistant to pests and diseases, which produce more, and which are easier to harvest and transport to market. These new plant strains will help meet the challenge of feeding the world population at a time when population growth and climate change will test our ability to grow enough food. However, I do support labeling of GMO foods, as the consumer has the right to make an informed purchase decision.

  • Real Foods Are the Alternatives to GMOs and They Are Enough

    Nothing can replace real food unaltered by science. We've been eating it for years and look how far we've come. GMOs can never be as wholesome. Who's to say what we'll find out about GMOs 20 years from now? Are they safe? Do they cause cancer or alter our own DNA? There's nothing wrong with food that grows naturally as long as it's grown safely. It is sufficient.

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