• The lives of all children matter.

    All children are able to be brought into society and lead productive lives. Additionally, all children need to be happy. A little work with feral children now will have long term positive impact. The care they receive now will reap rewards the rest of their lives. Loving, caring and training will always pay off.

  • Never Too Late

    I do not believe it is ever too late for someone to learn things, even simple things such as walking and talking. I believe it is something that could take a very long time but I do not believe it is impossible. I could be wrong but that is my opinion.

  • Of course they should!

    Of course feral children should be rehabilitated. Children are only feral when they're neglected. They deserve to know love and care and to be brought back into society to live better lives than if they were left alone. I don't know what any sensible alternative to rehabilitation could possibly be.

  • Feral children need to be rehabilitated

    Feral children should be rehabilitated. Although it takes a great amount of effort, time, and money, the reward is well worth the effort. Genie is the pseudonym of a feral child who was a victim of severe abuse, neglect, and social isolation. Although her case does not appear to have ended well, we know much more about treatment.

  • I have no logic to back this up, but you know i'm right

    Do i really need any? Apparently i have a minimum REQUIREMENT of words but all i need is, like, five because George W Bush was the master mind behind the september 11 attacks. Cnn is fake news. Tupac isn't REAL. And do it for hank. I think YOU'VE proved my point

  • Because i said so

    Do i really need one? Apparently i have a minimum amount of words but all i need is like five because George W Bush was the master mind behind the september 11 attacks. Cnn is fake news. Tupac isnt dead. And do it for Dale. I think ive proved my point

  • Taking them from their families. Family doesn't have to be blood

    I feel like, sorry if this is unpopular, but that if they were raised that way then its kind of cruel to take them away from it since these animals are their surrogate families. They were willing to take care of these kids when the humans originally responsible werent willing. Theyve never known anything different and if the child is not being harmed or doing any harm, then they should be left alone. By this logic, wild dogs should have the right to come into our homes and take our pets back or whatever? No right? I don't know it just seems wrong...

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