Geoengineering: Can geoengineering avoid causing conflict?

  • Geoengineering may be necessary

    Geoengineering may be a necessary thing to do as climate change continues to get worse and worse and we continue to waste time not making the necessary transitions we need to be making right now. Reducing world conflicts caused by climate change may be one of the pluses of geoengineering.

  • Yes, if people are reasonable.

    Yes, geoengineering can avoid causing conflict, if people do not use geoengineering as a reason to get upset. Geoengineering is an important scientific development, with the potential to help a lot of people. Some people think that anything that affects nature in any way is bad. Those people need to be reminded that before modern technology, people died at very young ages. Technology is a good thing, including geoengineering.

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