Geoengineering: Can geoengineering effectively fight climate change?

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  • Mother nature will always win.

    It is a great idea to try and curb the affects of climate change. We have seen our ice caps melt, super storms develop, and cities devastated by extreme weather. However, trying to modify mother nature isn't a promising solution. Manipulating a natural occurrence may cause even worse problems. The best way to fight climate change is to be more envrionmentally responsible.

  • No, the atmosphere is stronger than geoengineering.

    No, geoengineering cannot effectively fight climate change, because manipulating the earth will not be effective in manipulating the atmosphere. Manipulating one part of the earth cannot control an entire atmosphere. The atmosphere is vast. It is unlikely that manipulating parts of the earth could make a large difference in the totality of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

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