Geoengineering, iron fertilization of algae blooms: Does iron fertilization uphold environmental justice?

  • Iron fertizilation upholds environmental justice.

    I believe iron fertilization to be more beneficial than harmful to our ecological system. As long as proper precautionary measures that monitor the chemical balance of the ocean waters harvested are observed, the number of casualties will be a minimum. They should first analyze the present chemical composition of the ocean, calculate the product after iron introduction & determine if this will harm the wildlife in any way, and finally proceed to fertilize and produce algal blooms.

  • Yes, it supports wildlife.

    Yes, iron fertilization of algae blooms upholds environmental justice, because the iron fertilization program increases wildlife, not decreases it. The iron fertilization program has very positive effects on the food chain. Things that help the environment should be encouraged. The program can also decrease global warming. It is a positive endeavor.

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