George Cutler impressed that Bears fans took over Georgia Dome: Are Chicago Bears fans some of the most dedicated?

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  • No one team has the most dedicated fans

    I'm a Falcons fan and I take offense to this question. I think Chicago Bears have great fans , but the entire NFL has great fans, A lot of fans jump from team to team, but truly the team who wins the super bowl is the most popular team. However if I had to pick the most dedicated fans I would pick The Packers, or the Raiders but that's simply opinion, just like the idea of the Bears having the most dedicated fans.

  • No, they are not some of the most dedicated.

    No, the Chicago Bears fans are not some of the most dedicated. It is my belief that one cannot judge who is the most dedicated... of course the fans in one area should be the most dedicated to their team! I believe that to say that one team is better than the other is juvenile. Get out there and support your team!

  • Dedication is overstated too much.

    I personally think that every sport and every team in the franchise of professional sports will have moments of having the best showing and the biggest support from there fans. It really always comes down the how good there team does during a season or game that will determine the best fans in the world.

  • Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers?

    According to the average attendance at football games, it looks like Green Bay Packer fans are the most dedicated with an attendance rate of 108%, topping the Bears, Celtics, and Cowboys fans. George Cutler was referring to the particular Bears fan attendance at the Falcons game versus their usual attendance as well as their noise level.

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