George Michael battled heroin: Is it tragic that so many music stars battle drug abuse?

  • We need more help with drug abuse

    Drug abuse is a terrible problem in today's world. It isn't just celebrities that it affects. We hear about it more when celebrities battle the addiction and die from it, but it isn't limited to famous people. We need more education, more mental health programs, and more help in general to fight against drug addiction and abuse.

  • Yes, it is.

    Many celebrities wage a very public struggle with substance abuse – some of these stories culminate in a tragic, often preventable ending. When it comes to the prevalence of addiction among the famous, it might be a matter of accessibility. It’s arguable that affluent celebrities have greater access to some kinds of addictive substances, and there is an undeniable connection between accessibility and addiction. Another difference is that celebrities’ lives – in times of success and failure – are very public.

  • Yes, it is tragic that so many music stars battle drug abuse

    Yes, it is tragic that so many music stars battle drug abuse. The pressures of fame may be tough to deal with without self medicating with drugs and alcohol. When everyone around thew world knows who you are and you are followed everywhere a musician may turn to drugs to deal with this.

  • They should all know not to by now

    Maybe some think it's the Rock and roll lifestyle, while others may be medicating away childhood trauma. Either way drug addiction keeps claiming new victims. Every year the list grows from the obscure to the famous. No one is immune. It is beyond a tragedy when the worlds most gifted talents are destroyed.

  • I don't see why

    They made their on dumbass decision to start doing drugs, that's like shooting yourself on the leg and saying ''LOOK HOW SAD I AM'' no, you did it yourself, stop being stupid, just like how alcoholics are pathetic to me, you are drug abuser or alcoholic? Congratulations you're pathetic.

    My step sister is a drug abuser, know what happened to her? I removed her from my life, I do not need such a pathetic human around me

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