• Yes, I think so.

    AIDS is worse, because if you have AIDS, it gives you more of a chance to get cancer, along with other things. Both are terminal disease. There is no cure for AIDS now but nonmalignant type cancers are curable.All illness make the patient suffer either in this way or that way. An AIDS patient suffer agony of self-repenting and social wrathfor being secretly indulgent in behavior not permitted by society. Posterity of AIDs patient is a closed chapter while a Cancer patient can have his hereditary line unaffected .AIDs patient suffers not only himself but make his wife and children to suffer as well.
    From above reasons, AIDs is worse illness than Cancer.

  • No, AIDS is not worse than cancer.

    There are a lot of treatments today that can stave off the effects of AIDS for years. If treatment starts early enough, people with AIDS can live long, healthy lives. The same can't be said of all types of cancer, so in this way, AIDS is not worse than cancer.

  • AIDS is not worse than cancer

    Although the AIDS epidemic in Africa is not completely under control, most of the rest of the world has brought AIDS under control. Cancer remains a more significant threat to humanity than AIDS. Moreover, much of cancer is not directly linked to life choices as AIDS often is. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things AIDS should not be viewed as worse.

  • I wouldn't want either!

    Over the past 20 years, there have been huge advances in the way we treat both diseases, which means that it is much rarer that a diagnoses of either will lead to certain death. However, AIDS and cancer are both horrible diseases, which are horrible to live with and can break even the strongest people.

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