• George Michael: A Musican Icon Who Played The Game His Way

    With the passing of George Michael, the world has lost yet another beautiful voice. What he leaves behind is a legacy of innovation and breaking boundaries. With his band, Wham!, they were the first Western rock group to perform in China. As a solo artist, he dared to push boundaries and cross lines with such songs as "I Want Your Sex" and "Freedom 90". which was a celebration of him coming out to the world as gay. Because of his talent and his fearlessness, he will be remembered as a music icon because of what he dared to achieve through his career.

  • Surely George Michael will be remembered as a music icon.

    George Michael's popularity was on the rise in recent years. He had been around long enough and in the forefront of music long enough, to gain iconic stature. He was still actively creating new work and working with other famous artists. No doubt he will be remembered for many years to come.

  • He was definitely a musical icon

    George Michael, particularly in his early Wham! days, became a genuine cultural icon. His clothes, his mannerisms and particularly his style of music became emblematic of the 1980s. In his later career, he continued to define a genre of pop music and his influence is still evident today. There is no question that he will be remembered as an icon.

  • Yes, George Micheal is going to be remembered as an icon.

    George Micheal was a very successful musician. He had eight number one hits on the "Billboard Hot 100". He is ranked among the best British musicians. There will be many tributes to him. He was very popular. His music will be forever remembered. In Britain he definitely will be remembered as a music icon.

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