• He is now transformed

    It is sad but true that once an artist passes they take on an almost mythical appeal. George Michael is now transformed through the stratosphere. He will be more famous in death than in life. His music will fly off shelves. Spotify is already reporting a large increase in sales. Death truly is a strange phenomenon for entertainers.

  • Yes, a popular creation always lives on.

    For those not aware, he was a British-pop superstar and kicked off his musical career in 1981 when he founded Wham! and continued performing as a solo artist after that band broke up. He helped inspire “Carpool Karaoke,” the viral staple we’ve grown to love by comedian James Corden and many people will remember his work forever leaving a legacy that will live on.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Such a brilliant talent taken too soon. Thanks for bringing intelligence and humour to music. I'm absolutely gutted another huge talent taken from us . I wasn't a great fan of his lifestyle,and this has probably contributed to his untimely death,but his music was Brilliant, I wonder how many relationships have started with a slow dance to Careless whisper. Unfortunately yet another talent has been taken away in 2016.

  • He will be recalled as an icon.

    George Michael in the 1980s can be considered emblematic of a particular moment in musical history. He was viewed as laid back, carefree, unashamedly cheesy and not at all afraid of looking silly. This image is one which has persisted over the years and will always be considered to be an iconic image of that period.

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