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  • No, George Michael did not smoke 25 joints a day.

    George Michael was a pop sensation with a lot of money. He would have had access to good quality marijuana. I therefore find it hard to believe he would need to smoke 25 joints in a single day, as this would seem to indicate a very weak batch of pot.

  • 25 Joints a day is a bit much

    Although George Michael's issues with drugs are well documented, it is unlikely that he or anyone else could regularly smoke 25 joints a day. If he did succeed in smoking that much on a regular basis it would indicate that the joints were not that powerful. He regularly smoked weed but not 25 a day.

  • I don't believe it

    I don't believe it. If George Michael really did smoke 25 marijuana cigarettes a day, perhaps he death was related to lung health. Many people do not know that marijuana smoke is very unhealthy for the lungs. He may have built his pot tolerance up so much also because he would have had pain from an unspecified illness.

  • It depends on who says George Michael smoked 25 joints a day.

    You have to go to the source before deciding if this one is true or not. Did George Michael say this himself or are they the words of some "friend" or celebrity magazine? If George Michael said this himself in a live interview then I would tend to accept it as truth. However, if these are the words of an unreliable source, then I would tend to disregard the information.

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