George Strait: Does George Strait deserve a second "Entertainer of the Year" award?

  • I love George

    I have been a life-time fan of good old George Strait and I think that if someone truly deserves this award, it is definitely him. George does everything that you should expect from an entertainer and I would be thrilled to witness the moment when he receives this fair award.

  • He is a legend.

    Yes, George Strait deserved a second Entertainer of the Year award, because he had to have fans in multiple generations in order to win that award. Some people wondered if enough younger people would vote for him to win. He is a legend of country music, not just a blip on the radar.

  • Yes, I think Geroge Srait deserved a second "Entertainer of the Year" award.

    I think that GerorgeStrait has continue to put out many popular songs in the past year that have lit up the charts and has continued to shape the face of country music, I think that he was well deserving of a second entertainer of the year award based on his work over the past year.

  • No he doesn't

    No George Strait doesn't deserve a second Entertainer of the year award. It should be allowed once every few years so that way more new and upcoming artists have a chance of getting the award. Other entertainer's work just as hard and maybe even harder than he has this past year.

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