George W Bush: Did George W. Bush leave a positive legacy for America and the world?

  • Yes, he promoted hope.

    Yes, George W. Bush left a positive legacy for America and the world, because his message was a positive one full of hope. Bush left the message that people are basically good, and that if given freedom, they will do good things and make the world a better place. He was a honest, honorable leader.

  • George W. Bush was an honorable man.

    George W. Bush did leave a positive legacy for America and the world. Bush was a good man who did what he believed was right. He helped the United States to support our allies and fought a good fight against our enemies. Bush was a strong President. I wish he were still in office today.

  • George Bush was evil and dishonorable.

    No Child Left Behind Act was ridiculous, and he completely left the country with a huge amount of debt. His support of the war in Iraq is all the evidence needed to show his true disgusting nature. He stated that you are either with him or with the terrorists. He supported a "new world order," but all he initiated was more debt and disorder.

  • George Bush was dishonorable.

    He was the reason why troops are stationed in the Iraq. Which wasn't the best course of action since 9/11. He nearly endangers the American education system by his No child Left Behind Act. What's more he leaves the country with a huge amount of debt. He also made a failed attempt to promote healthily living. If anything the only positive legacy George Bush left was leaving office.

  • He showed the rest of the world they didn't want to associate with the US

    He invaded Iraq "because of 9/11," which in and of itself is terrible, committed war crimes such as torture during the Iraq war, increased the US debt way too much, and there is sufficient evidence that it is a possibility that he actually staged 9/11, and sufficient evidence that he only invaded Iraq because he didn't like Saddam Houssein. He put Cheney in charge of finding a vice president, and lo and behold, look what happened.

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