George W. Bush on legacy: 'There's no need to defend myself.' Agree (yes) or disagree (no)?

  • Yes George W. Bush has no need to defend himself

    Yes, I think that when it comes to the legacy of George W. Bush that he has no need to defend himself and that his record will speak for itself. Mr. Bush did a great job of keeping the United States safe and free from terror attacks and I think that will look good for him.

  • Bush needs to defend his LEGACY because it will affect all future Presidents through its effects on the US economy!

    History is here and now and it does not bode well for George W Bush the 43rd President of USA.

    1) GEORGE W. BUSH oversaw the suffering of millions in New Orleans in KATRINA disaster and did little in a timely fashion!

    2) GEORGE W. BUSH increased our deficit by fighting TWO wars on the credit card, implementing the Medicare DRUG Plan on the credit card and two BIG TAX CUTS on the credit card.

    3) GEORGE W. BUSH presided over the greatest economic meltdown of the American economy since the Great Depression.

    4) GEORGE W. BUSH presided over the greatest terrorist attack on the US soil since Pearl Harbor which was responsible for more than 3000 deaths.

    5) GEORGE W. BUSH's IRAQ war was responsible for more than 4000 American soldier deaths.

    6) GEORGE W. BUSH had Osama Bin Laden in his sights in Tora Bora in Afganistan but he let him escape by not providing enough troops to capture UML.

    7) GEORGE W. BUSH shifted focus from a legitimate war in Afganistan to an unnecessary war in IRAQ.

    8) GEORGE W. BUSH turned a surplus nation into a debtor nation by advocating for so much deficit budgeting.

    Ajay Jain
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  • There is plenty to be shameful of

    George W. Bush has plenty to defend. He lied to the American people about his true intentions of attacking Iraq. The war he started has cost this country thousands of lives and billions of dollars. He completely mishandled hurricane Katrina. He came into his presidency with a surplus, and left with a deficit and an economic fiasco. The question should be, what is there about hsi presidency NOT to defend?

  • George W. Bush has a lot to defend on his legacy.

    Former President George W. Bush has a lot to defend on his legacy as President. We can start with the fact that the 911 attacks occurred on his watch. Testimony before the 911 Commission revealed that on Aug. 6, 2001, President George W. Bush received a classified review of the threats posed by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network, Al Qaeda. He dismissed the significance of the report.

    The US had a surplus of $500 billion when Mr. Bush entered office the country's deficit was $9.5 Trillion dollars when he left!

    Mr. Bush has a lot to defend.

  • no need to defend legacy

    Former president George W. Bush does not have a need to defend his legacy. The people who voted him in as president should stand behind him and whatever decisions he makes. Voters know that the person who is elected will be making decisions for our country that will affect us for years or decades to come.

  • George bush and his cronies did 9/11.

    George bush paid for and organized the false flag attack 9/11 so he and his dad's Texas oil buddies could get some of that sand people oil. American lives are a small price to pay for a slick retirement. But most the people in the towers were overpriveledged and probably deserved death. Just ask bush's uncle that was head of security for the twin towers up to 9/10. Odd time to quit right? It's hard to believe that dipshit fooled us all.

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