George W. Bush paintings: Are you interested in seeing paintings by former president George W. Bush?

  • Yes, I would be interested.

    Yes, I would be interested in seeing paintings by former president George W. Bush. I think it is very unusual that a man who had the responsibility and stress of being a United States President is capable of creating such beautiful art work. I would enjoy seeing the paintings made by someone who has successfully transitioned to private life and found such a creative outlet.

  • Yes, I'm interested in his paintings.

    A while back, I saw George W. Bush on television being interviewed by Jay Leno, and he was showing him some of his paintings. While they likely won't win him any awards, they were pretty good, and they help show that you can always start a new hobby and find something to enjoy. I think the ones that he has done of animals are the best ones.

  • No, not really.

    I could not care less what the former President Bush is doing, and I don't care to know anything about what he does in his spare time. The man was the worst president the United States ever saw, and he cost us a lot of lives here and abroad. No thanks.

  • Nobody Cares About George's Paintings

    George Bush was a really bad president. He destroyed our economy and put us into multiple conflicts overseas. He contributed to some of the worst legislature in this countries history, and did a genuinally terrible part. The worst part is that George Bush isn't even an interesting character, and his art does not have the appeal that someone with flavor and taste could offer.

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