Georgia Toddler's Death: Should the parents of children who die in hot cars be charged with murder (yes) or child cruelty (no)?

  • Second Degree Murder

    Technically, I believe that should fall under second degree murder in that it was probably unintentional. The idea that it would be child cruelty is logical too and could also be included in the charges. For sure, second degree murder should be charged on the parent. Any other guardians related to the child should also potentially be charged with some form of criminal negligence if they were in any way involved or should have had knowledge.

  • Parents are Responsible for their Children

    Parents have a duty of care to their children. If a child is left in a car to the point where they die, that is no longer neglect, but murder. It is similar in my mind to parents allowing their child to starve to death. There is an element of neglect, but they left that child until the point of death

  • Yes, in most cases, there is no excuse.

    This isn't an awareness issue. Most people have left their car to return not even 10 minutes later and find the heat overbearing on a moderately warm day. There are hardly any excuses. Because who doesn't know that the inside of a car is much warmer than the outside when it's more than 60 degrees? People generally hit the AC or roll down the windows once they hop into their cars during the summer. It's a no brainier. Cars get hot. Suffocating even.

    Furthermore, no child who's unable to escape from a hot vehicle should be left alone in the first place. Would it be acceptable to leave a baby in its car seat in a tub filling with water? No. I don't care if you think a few minutes won't harm the baby. The clock is ticking. Never leave a baby or child in a car. Leaving such a young child alone is extreme negligence. And you should take responsibility for what happens when you intentionally leave a child alone like that. If the child dies, then own up to the murder charges.

  • Yes, parents should be charged with murder.

    There is no reasonable explanation for any adult, who is a parent, to claim ignorance of the fact that placing a living creature in a car on a hot day may harm them. Disregarding the heat factor, there is no reason for a child or any living creature to be left alone in a vehicle unattended. If you have children, it is your responsibility to attend to them at all times. Murder and cruelty charges are justified in cases such as these, because the method of death is so intolerably cruel.

  • You never Know what can happen

    I dont believe they should be charged with murder because it could very well not be intentional. I know many times you have the untrained or new parents that really dont know any better. but being charged with child cruelty would be more appropriate. If the parents intentions was to kill their child then yes and by that i mean literally on purpose leaving a child in the car for hours being hot knowing that it is dangerous. Yes of course by all means they should be charged with murder.

  • Ignorance Isn't Innocence

    Many people do not realise how hot a static car can become on a warm day, and how fast this can happen. There are many tragic cases of dogs and children being left by parents, with innocent intent, only to return to the worse tragedy. More should be done to educate people of the dangers, and charging those guilty with child cruelty and making them examples is one way to get the message across. Anything to stop children dying needlessly.

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