• She has a light quality.

    Yes, Georgina Haig will do well as the voice of Elsa, because Haig's voice has a light quality to it that will serve her well. In addition to her light voice, which is well suited to that style of singing, Haig has a gorgeous vibrato that anyone could listen to for a long time. She is a star.

  • she will be great as Elsa

    I think that Georgina Haig, will do great as the voice of Elsa. I think she is a great singer and is more than capable of singing the songs from Frozen. I think she was a great choice to play Elsa and will really make the part her own and stand out.

  • Yes, she will be fantastic.

    I have heard her sing a few times and she has a truly excellent voice. She also visually looks the part. I think she will do a great job as Elsa and I'm very excited to see what they do with the part on the show Once Upon a Time. Hopefully she will continue to be cast in great roles in the future.

  • Frozen's Elsa being voiced by Georgina Haig

    After weeks of waiting, the producers of hit fairy tale series 'Once Upon A Time' has finally revealed who will voice Elsa, the character the show imports from the movie 'Frozen,' in Season 4.
    The voice behind the appearance of the icy Queen of Arendelle in Once Upon A Time Season 4 now has a name behind it, and it's going to be Australian actress Georgina Haig.
    Haig has previously appeared in movies such as Road Kill (2010), The Sapphires (2012), and Crawl (2011).
    Those who have seen the movie 'Frozen' are familiar with Elsa and how she is loved, but the producers of the show say that Elsa's movie character is not similar to how she will be portrayed in Once Upon a Time.

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