Geothermal energy: Does Iceland demonstrate the potential of geothermal energy?

  • Yes, Iceland is a leader.

    Yes, Iceland demonstrates the potential of geothermal energy, because Iceland has incredible natural resources in this area. Iceland should be the leader in this type of energy. To their credit, they are proactive in exploiting the natural resources they have so that they can be the leaders in the development of geothermal energy.

  • Yes, Iceland has natural landforms that show great potential.

    Yes, Iceland demonstrates the great potential of geothermal energy, because they have landforms that have natural potential for geothermal energy. Iceland has also developed significant technological advances that relate to harvesting this energy and using it as an alternative to fossil fuels. Iceland is a world leader in this respect.

  • Its too cold

    Iceland is too cold so surely they cant extract HEAT from it. I also don't think that geothermal is a great source of energy and doesn't show potential. Wind power is the way forward for energy. Hydroelectric also shows potential as it is using the water that is inusable by humans.

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