Geothermal energy: Is geothermal energy good for ecosystems?

  • Geothermal energy is amazing

    Geothermal energy enables warm water to be brought to the surface by pumping it through the ground. So if the water is cold, but goes through a geothermal pump beneath the ground it is warmed to the temperature of the ground. This warmer water then takes much less energy to heat. This results in less pollution and less energy use. Geothermal energy is great for ecosystems.

  • Yes, geothermal energies are largely renewable and more helpful than other energy methods.

    Geothermal energy, or using the heat from inside the earth, is a very eco-friendly way of producing energy. For example, harnassing the power of geysers (as is done extensively in Iceland) could be very helpful and friendly toward the ecosystem. Many of these geothermal projects are in remote areas and way from sensitive ecosystems.

  • Geothermal energy is unsafe

    Did you consider the risk of earthquakes that are created due to extracting geothermal energy? It will cause more damage than benefit. The worst part is that you can't use energy if you can't live lol. So I think geothermal energy is totally a risky sector to invest in, even though the energy efficiency is high.

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