German Chancellor concerned about fake news: can news 'bots and fake stories influence an election?

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is very true. Therefore, i agree that social media and fake news can actually influence elections. The role social networks Facebook and Twitter play in spreading false and malicious information has shot up Merkel's agenda after the shock election of US Republican candidate Donald Trump as president. This is a major problem.

  • Yes news bots and fake stories can influence an election

    We are living a fast develop world, where within a twinkling of the eye, information could be spread within the globe, so it highly possible that bot could influence the US election prompting fake news, that distract PEOPLE FROM KNOWING TRUE SUPPORTERS .Angela Merkel this week warned that fake news and bots may influence Germany’s national elections next year, days after she announced plans to seek a fourth term as the country’s chancellor. In a speech to parliament on Wednesday, Merkel said that fake news and bots have “manipulated” public opinion online, adding that lawmakers must “confront this phenomenon and if necessary, regulate it

  • Yes, they can

    We've seen in the US that fake news can have a pretty significant effect on our elections. Planting fake news stories and using bots was an effective way to get a Trump win. Angela Merkel is right to be concerned about those things and try to make sure they don't mess with the German elections.

  • Yes, fake news can influence an election.

    In any democratic country, there will be a certain percentage of voters who call themselves "undecided". These people tend to change their minds often and will wait until the last minute to make a final decision. Some will undoubtedly be influenced by fake news items, even if they know that the news is fake. Many programs which offer up fake news as comedy have an agenda and, therefore, can't help but steer voters in a certain direction.

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