German court rules OK to relationship between 15 year old girl and 47 year old uncle: Is 14 too young to consent?

  • Yes, 14 is too young.

    14 Year is too young to consent. Apart from the age difference, the girl is not yet mature enough to be an adult. This is wrong and it is also a sin to be in a relationship with a relative. The 47 year old uncle is old enough to be his father. That is lack of morality.

  • Yes, it is.

    It is particularly too large to consent when the person is the girl's uncle. There is too much of a power dynamic shift here, and it is likely that years from now she will feel violated, if she does not already feel violated. I believe in case by case basis, but this was too big a difference.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The change of law in Germany is definitely the way it should be because when a less powerful person is being attacked they automatically need to rely upon their instincts – sometimes fighting might prevent the attack but often it can trigger far worse violation both physically and mentally.
    It appears the need to call out “NO” (for the record) may soon need to be ingrained upon the minds of people of all ages (thanks multiculturalism). I wonder if anyone delved into the possibility that the 15 year old cultivated this young boy and set him up for the predator.

  • 14 is too young to consent

    Even though a German court ruled approved of a relationship between 15 year old girl and 47 year old uncle, 14 years of age is still too young to consent. At that age the brain is still developing, leaving many youngsters of that age without the appropriate ability to make reasonable decisions.

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