German doctors the first to link smoking and lung cancer: Do you think smoking should be banned from public spaces?

  • This isn't freedom.

    Freedom is the ability to live your life the way you want, so long as it doesn't disrupt the stability and peace of society and harm any other individuals. Since it has been proven that the smoke being exhaled can be inhaled by other's around the smoker (second-hand smoking) and increase the second-hand smoker's chance of being affected with lung cancer or some other disease, than the smoking IN THE PUBLIC should most definitely be banned. Keep in mind, however, that I don't believe that smoking and the sale of tobacco products should be banned as that would cause problems similar to that of prohibition and drugs.

  • Yes, smoking should be banned from public spaces

    Yes, smoking should be banned from public spaces. It is known to be harmful to one's health. If an individual wants to participate in an activity that may be harmful, that's their business. However, those who do not choose to participate should not be forced from public places or subjected to the smoke.

  • Yes, I do think it should be banned.

    I used to be against the smoking bans, but as a non-smoker, I don’t like being forced to inhale someone else’s smoke. If someone wants to destroy his or her body, that person should do it in private away from people who don’t wish to inhale cancerous substances and fumes.

  • Smoking should be banned from all public areas

    There is nothing beneficial about smoking whatsoever. It is harmful to the smoker and the people and animals in near vicinity of the person smoking. This voluntary air pollution should be banned. There are emission standards for automobiles, and individuals are not allowed to litter or pollute public property. Public smoking should be banned.

  • Smoking should be banned from public spaces

    Smoking has long been know to cause cancer, both to smokers and to the rest of the population who has to breathe in the second-hand smoke. Smoking is already banned from public places in many states, and it should be banned nationwide. The health benefits would far outweigh so-called rights of smokers.

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