German market chain stops using plastic bags: Should markets around the world stop using plastic bags?

  • Yes, markets should stop using plastic bags.

    Plastic bags endanger our environment because they do not decompose for many years and cause harm to wildlife. Markets changed from paper bags to plastic bags years ago with the assumption that we would save trees and our environment. Now we know that plastic bags are a problem, markets should encourage reusable bags.

  • Yes, markets everywhere should stop using plastic bags.

    Yes, every store worldwide should be making an effort to phase out plastic bags. With the environmental impact they cause, every store should be making efforts to switch to eco-friendly, biodegradable materials or to only use reusable bags. This would greatly reduce the amount of litter and pollution we face in our world.

  • Markets around the world should stop using plastic bags.

    I believe that markets should stop handing plastic bags to their customers. Many different stores have found success in this practice already. The plastic bags are simply unsafe and can be a harm to our environment. We have known this for some time now, yet we continue to use them. Cloth bags are not expensive, reusable, sturdy, and can simply be put into a washing machine for cleaning.

  • Markets around the world should not stop using plastic bags

    Markets around the world should not stop using plastic bags because they are convenient, cheap and work most excellently. Time for the crypto-environmentalists to get a grip and stop whining about plastic bags. There are far too many other, and bigger, problems that they can address. Long live plastic bags.

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