German officials have said they can't figure out Trump's foreign policy goals. Does this uncertainty create a dangerous situation?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Mapping those implications is a challenge, in part because Trump’s habit of issuing contradictory statements on the campaign trail make it tough to predict what he would actually do in office. Trump’s are a magician’s quicker-than-the-eye sleight of hand, and they often come with little or no explanation. Would Trump really try to ban all Muslims from entering the United States? That was a pledge, and then it was a “suggestion.” How could this ban be legal? How would it be enforced? He hasn’t said, and his supporters don’t seem to care. In short, Trump will probably try to remake U.S. foreign policy in his own (self-)image.

  • Everything about Trump is dangerous

    The reason people cannot figure out Trump's foreign policy goals is because he has none. Trump has no clue what he is doing, and has no real plans at this point. He is just rolling along, running his mouth (and thumbs) and acting a fool. His cavalier and childish attitude is going to cause us problems, and I am quite certain that he is dangerous in the position of POTUS.

  • Nothing is dangerous yet

    I don't know why anyone would have a problem with a foreign country not understanding what our country's goals area. Each country has the right to autonomy, and we don't have to explain foreign policy, especially that of a President that hasn't even had a day in office, to Germany right now.

  • Hopefully it will not create a dangerous situation if the Germans cannot figure out Trump's foreign policy goals.

    The Germans will most likely be patient until Trump takes office. He will hopefully make his foreign policy goals clear once in office. If not, then the Germans will have to open a dialogue with Trump and discuss the situation. It would be unwise to start acting irrationally on the unknown.

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