German suspect: Will Germany catch the person responsible for truck attack before he kills again?

  • He is the most wanted man in Europe.

    Germany has released a great deal of information about the suspect responsible for the massacre in Berlin into the public domain which will make him highly recognisable. In addition to this, Germany is part of Interpol which means that neighbouring countries in Europe are also on high alert. It seems very unlikely that the suspect will evade law enforcement for very long even if he leaves the country.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Police have launched an investigation in the North Rhine-Westaphalia state of Germany, as it has been revealed Anis was known to German police. Anis also used six different names, under three different nationalities. So, if they already know that about him, I think it is a matter of time when they will catch him.

  • I have faith in Germany's security forces.

    I'm sure the German security forces will catch this heinous human being. What I hope happens during this holiday season is that Muslims in Germany contribute information to the security forces. Terrorists harm us all and we need to put our differences aside and come together to help the security forces keep everyone safe.

  • No, the authorities do not have sufficient evidence to catch the suspect effectively

    No, the Berlin Police will not be able to arrest the person responsible before his next attack. As of Tuesday, they only had one suspect as the potential cause of the tragedy, and he was proven to be innocent of the deed. With scarce leads as to the actual terrorist of the crime, the Berlin Police are left clueless as to where to look next. They can only hope for more civilian reports of suspicious activity to pick up the trail towards the root of the heinous act.

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