German would be better without Hitler in history

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  • Yeah, actually, people might be better off not remembering a person synonymous with evil

    Don't give me that crap about creating the autobahn- it's true, but building highways doesn't mean s*it when you indirectly murder six million people. We, as humans, have the capacity to forget bad things, and Hitler was about as bad as they got. He took a relatively enlightened country in a bad time and used it to build what I would argue was the single most evil nation in history. No, he wasn't just some isolated loner- he was an amphetamines-fueled, power mad, murderous socio-psychopath. Sure, he gave people hope- hope that relied on genocide. By the way- how many people in Germany starved during Hitler's tenure?

  • Reasons for Choice: War/Holocaust/Humiliation

    I do realize Hitler was looked at as a hero for pulling Germany out of the Great Depression and mobilizing the nation's workforce. But the truth is that I could care less. He was more passionate about saving his country than he should have been.

    Which is not to say that I don't realize that Hitler actually had intentions that were not as self-centered as people claim. He did everything, even the most horrendous atrocities, for the German people, with the help of the German people (except for the Holocaust: The German people were by-large unaware of the mass killings. Hitler claimed to be a socialist and I feel that he was in fact a devout socialist.

    However... What if Nazi Germany had never instigated World War Two? It suffices to say that over seven million Germans would not have died over the course of the war. Germany would have never had to experience postwar humiliation of the sort it did. What if it had never created the demon of the Holocaust? Six million Jews would not have died.

    People's lives are more important than economic benefits.

    Hitler was a bad person. Why? Bad means to achieve good ends (i.E. Ethnically uniform society and worldwide socialism) means a bad movement. I imagined he must have seen something in younger years that created such a passion in him to change the world- something that was related to Germany's depression.

  • No, not at all.

    Hitler also did many good things. Here are some for you to look at:
    1. He improved the economy and removed unemployment.
    When Hitler came to power, Germans were so poor that they could barely sustain themselves. Unemployment was a massive problem and no one was earning very much money. So Hitler had an idea: he built new roads, bridged, dams, canals, port facilities and flood control, he repaired public buildings and private residences. Within about two years, Germany's unemployment problem was solved and the country was doing well again.
    2. The Nazis were the first people to start checking for drunk drivers.
    It was highly looked down upon by Hitler and the Nazis to do anything that disturbed the peace of Germany's citizens, so Hitler began to check for drunk drivers to make sure no one had had too much alcohol.
    3. He promoted music.
    Hitler believed that everyone in Germany should know about their country's heritage, so he made sure everyone had a radio in their house. He promoted music such as Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, etc., and even banned jazz, swing and suggestive music. He did this to create a sense of pride in national heritage.
    4. He respected women and children.
    When Germany was on a declining birth rate due to added stress of the Depression, families were finding it difficult to feed themselves, so Hitler had an idea. He implemented a system where people could earn Reich Marks - 1000 Marks being equal to a 9 month salary. In families with women and children, he gave 250 Reich Marks, and he even stated that they did not need to pay him back. He did this because he and the Nazis believed that women played a vital role in society as the 'preservers of the tribe, the guardians of future generations, and the priestesses of domestic virtue.'
    5. Modern day Boy Scouts? They originated from 'Hitler Youth'.
    Hitler wanted the boys and girls of Germany to stay physically fit, so he created Hitler Youth. This was a fun trip, and included camping, outdoor activities, outdoor skills, and even sports. This allowed the kids to escape from their normal everyday lives and have a bit of fun. This is even one of his quotes:
    “And we want that you, German boys and girls, to absorb everything that we wish for Germany. We want to be one people and through you, to become this people. We want a society with neither castes nor ranks and you must not allow these ideas to grow within you."
    So as you should probably be able to see by now, Hitler was not all that bad. Sure, he did some horrible things, but he also did many great things - he created equality for women and children, he instilled national heritage, he boosted the economy and took away unemployment and starvation, and most importantly of all, he got Germany back on its feet.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

  • No, Nazis are part of German/Austrian history

    Whether surrounding countries like it or not. The British, Danes and Swedes did wicked things in their history -- not Germany, and we're forcing Germany to change their history. Why, cause you'll invade their country again if they don't bow to you. Kiss their a**es that's what I say. Germany ain't gonna change.

  • Hell no, he may have ordered bad things, but some good things did come from the Nazis

    The time after World War I would've been a lot more depressing. Hitler gave the German people pride, hope... And someone to blame. He gave the people something to looks forward too, something that was in reach. He gave them hope, and hopes important because without hope... There's no way you'll survive. Also, Hitler had a hand in creating the autobahn. He's not as bad of a man as everyone believes. His life just shows, what happens when you're abused, isolated and alone.

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