Germans beats USA, World Cup: Did you take time off from work to watch?

  • Soccer Fans Celebrate!

    Am I a soccer fan? No! Do I feel they should be able to celebrate with a day off? Absolutely! Soccer fans throughout the country can watch at home or with friends without secretly watching on their phones or in another Internet window at work. Enjoy your day off soccer fans! The World Cup only happens every four years! Live it up!

  • No, I did not take time off work to watch the World Cup

    No, I did not take time off work to watch the World Cup. I do not watch soccer (or football) at all so I have not participated in watching the World Cup whatsoever. Therefore, I did not take time off of work to watch the Germany versus United States match.

  • No, I have better things to do with my vacation time

    Given that I have a limited allotment of time to take off work, and that I care very little about the World Cup (or soccer in general), taking time off to watch the game would have been a poor use of my time. I would much rather spend it camping or fishing instead of parked in front of the television.

  • Still worked Why?

    I understand that we all loved sports and, yes! it is fun to watch, but it was not that important to take work off for the fact that bills still have to get paid, and there is nothing that is a gurantee that the world cup is going to pay bills because they were playing.

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