Germany asylum seekers: Will the number of asylum seekers in Germany drop again in 2017?

  • Yes, there will be less refugees applying for asylum to Germany in 2017

    The total number of refugees seeking asylum in Europe broke records in 2016, yet Germany saw its lowest number of asylum seekers since 2014. This indicates either that the spike in asylum seekers has passed, or that they now perceive Germany as hostile to them. With world conflicts seeming to draw to a close and the German population pushing for a more stringent control of its borders, it is safe to assume that the number will continue to decline.

  • Yes I think the number will drop

    Due to the next upcoming election in Germany, leaders have started to clamp down on asylum seeker numbers, even if they don't really want to. For this reason alone I think we will see a drop in numbers in 2017, at least in the first half of the year. What happens in the second half of the year may depend on the election outcome.

  • Yes, I believe there will be fewer asylum seekers.

    Germany is going to be changing its laws, or at least I believe it will. Who can blame them with the recent terrorists activity that it seems was done by an asylum seeker. It is a shame that innocent people will have to have because of the actions of one evil person.

  • No, I do not believe so, rather it will increase.

    Personally, by analyzing trends in the past few years, I see how the population has become more liberal/progressive. As we know, a big part of being a progressive, for many, involves open boarders. Those who seek asylum will take notice of this trend and will immediately take advantage, requesting asylum and perhaps even dramatize or duplicate their requests.

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