Germany faces radical youths: Are young refugees a threat to German society?

  • Yes, young refugees are a threat to German society.

    Some young Middle Eastern refugees are a threat to German society. These youths grew up in a different part of the world that does not share the same values that western countries hold. Many Middle Eastern men are not brought up to respect women and treat them equally. Furthermore, some of these young refugees believe that is okay to use violence against others.

  • Yes, some young refugees may be a threat to German society as it is today

    Yes, some young refugees may be a threat to German society as it is today. These refugees may not conform to the traditional German society. Thus, Germany needs to put policies into place that welcome these people into society while making them aware of the law. This will aid in transition.

  • Young refugees may offer new insight to change, but likely not a threat to German society - we must start with education.

    As time goes on, expectations and societal norms change. Any radical youth ideals will start to slowly manipulate common thought. As the youth grows up and begin to be in positions of power, ideals for society change. In this day and age, we need to start understanding that countries will need to step up to the plate and deal with what the youth are saying. Whether a person is a born national or refugee, they should understand that laws are in place for a reason and must obey. If they don't agree with laws, there is a process in place to manage change and they should follow those guidelines. Education is key, as there will always be radical youth mentality. This is how we grow and change in the world - but we have to instill respect and authority to allow for positive change.

  • No, they are not a threat. T

    The only thing young radicals are a threat to is the status quo. Otherwise they are not a threat of danger to the country. They are not violent for the most part, and do not wish harm on the German people. Instead they want to live peacefully the way they choose.

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