Germany Legalizes Medical Marijuana: Will the rest of Western Europe follow suit?

  • It is popular.

    There is still a great deal of debate as to whether medical marijuana is a good thing or not. But the truth is that people like to smoke pot. For this reason, they create a narrative that it is good for you to smoke. The rest of Europe will want to smoke it too, soon enough.

  • Yes, the rest of Europe wil follow suit.

    Germany has recently legalized medical marijuana. Other countries, especially in Western Europe will likely follow suit. It is surprising that more countries have not already legalized medical marijuana. Western Europe tends to be much more socially liberal, so other many of its countries will likely legalize medical as well as recreational marijuana.

  • Germany could set a new precedent for Western Europe.

    The rest of the world is beginning to accept medical marijuana as an alternative medicine. The United States alone is rapidly adopting this policy in the majority of the states. Now that Germany has legalized medical marijuana, and the other countries see the benefits, no doubt they will jump on the bandwagon.

  • Western Europe will follow suit in legalizing medical marijuana

    Just as a Germany has done, western Europe will also follow suit relative to legalizing medical marijuana. By and large, Europe is very progressive and legalization of marijuana for medical purposes, as well as other very common drugs, are ripe for legalization. The money that will be collected from legalization will be incredible.

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