Germany to spend 50 billion euros on refugees: Is this too much of a burden?

  • Germany does not have the resources to accept any more refugees

    Yes, it is a burden on Germany. It would cost 50 billion euros to accommodate and integrate the influx of refugees. Germany risks creating debt for itself. There are about a million refugees expected to arrive in Germany by the end of 2017. Germany must review its expenditures and decide if its budget surplus could be used. If the refugees fill the gaps of unskilled workers in Germany, there could be benefits. The refugees must earn a living and be responsible like everyone else.

  • Yes it is, as it can cause economic strain on German civilians

    I don't think this would be a good move for Germany, simply because it will be the citizens who will have to cover this "50 billion euros" through sales and income tax. They will have to be taxed at a much higher rate to support the values of "diversity". Everyone pays the same tax - rich and poor. If a poor person buys a house for 130,000, then the tax that they have to pay for that is way more detrimental to their expenses than that of a rich person.

  • I'm not supportive of refugees, but it certainly would not be a burden.

    Fifty billion euros is negligible to the German economy, and though I don't think that Europe or America should be accepting refugees, I do think that if Germany WERE to take them on, they would be quite easy to manage economically. Fifty billion dollars spread out amongst 80 million people is a tax increase of 625 dollars per person, which when factored with Germany's several billionaires and millionaires is a negligible amount of money.

  • Refugees are not a burden in the long run

    I think it is perfectly normal for a government to spend a lot of money on refugees when there is a lot more refugees coming in. The refugees may cost a little to the government now but they will bring back more when they will establish themselves and work and contribute.

  • If they spent it, then that means it was their choice.

    They spent the money on the refugees. If that is the case, than that means that Germany didn't consider it a burden to take them on, even if outsiders did. It seems like some countries just care about refugees and about what they're running from and trying to help them.

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