Germany unveils a zero-emissions train that only emits steam. Will this be the future of transportation?

  • We need to get our dependance away from Oil.

    I think any way in which we can make a way to transport ourselves that doesn't use oil is a step in the right direction. It would help people everywhere because no one would have to spend as much money as they do now getting from point A to point B.

  • A zero emmission vehicle should be the future of transportation.

    Vehicles with zero emissions should be the number one goal of car makers and other manufacturers of transportation vehicles. Leading manufacturers should follow this German company's lead in developing other forms of emission-free transportation and end our dependency on fossil fuels. These programs should be funded indefinitely until a solution is found.

  • Yes, a zero-emissions train should definitely be the future of transportation.

    Yes, a zero-emissions train, like the one unveiled in Germany is likely part of the transportation of the future. It is exciting to see that an eco-friendly form of transportation has been discovered. The next hurtle will be to get it past those in power who stand to gain from the use of ecologically harmful fuels and transportation systems.

  • It's been tried.

    All of these inventions that don't use oil are great for experimenting. The inventors should keep working at it. However, steam trains have been tried before. Every college student learns how to make a solar-powered car. Unfortunately, this isn't going to be the breakthrough that cures everything. But it might be a small improvement in transportation.

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