Get ready for robot farmers: Do you think the "LettuceBot" will decrease the cost of lettuce?

  • Yes, the "LettuceBot" will decrease the cost of lettuce.

    Yes, I believe that the "LettuceBot" would decrease the sales cost of lettuce. It is my understanding that the "LettuceBot" can do the work of about 20 workers, in half the time. Workers need to be paid; the more workers there are, the higher the payout must be, in turn, the higher the cost of the product. Farmers that invest in the "LettuceBot", in theory, would eliminate the need for so many workers and sell lettuce at cheaper prices and higher volumes.

    Though the "LettuceBot" would eliminate jobs for many workers, it would be a great tool for farmers who want to sell lettuce at higher volumes and cheaper prices.

  • The Lettucebot will reduce the cost of lettuce, eventually

    The Lettucebot has a great potential to reduce the amount of fertilizer purchased and used to spray crops since it identifies only the necessary areas to apply. The Lettucebot can also reduce labor costs since it has a groundbreaking method to eliminate unwanted weeds. The costs will not be realized immediately, however, since there will be an initial investment for farmers. After the machines are paid off, the return on investment should start being passed through to consumers.

  • No, I do not think LettuceBot will decrease the cost of lettuce

    No, I do not think LettuceBot will reduce the cost of lettuce as it is my opinion that any additional profit made by using "robot farmers" will go into the pockets of the farmers. Over the last few years the farmers have been complaining about low profit margins, and I believe they will take advantage of this to increase their current amount of profit.

  • No, LettuceBot will not decrease the cost of lettuce.

    There is a chance that LettuceBot will decrease the up front financial cost of lettuce, but there is no doubt that robot farmers will incure an even higher cost: the destruction of our environment. The environment is worth so much more than any amount of dollars, and LettuceBot requires more resources to get the job done.

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