• It keeps the child warm

    I am always asking my 7yr old daughter Leanne to zip her jacket up because a) her jacket has a zip for z reason, b) I don't like her jacket flapping wide open and c) Leanne feels the cold a lot, she will come out of school with her jacket wide open yet she is shivering so I ALWAYS ask her to zip her jacket, but she ignores me, so I do it for her, which isn't easy because Leanne fidgets/wriggles about but I do get it zipped.

  • Not at all

    Children should learn to be independent,this would mean not needing warmth from a coat and generating heat themselves,this generation is ruined so we might as well bring back the death penalty or something
    back in my day we didn't have these fancy coats and i turned out just kinda okay

  • Wait... Why is this a debate topic?

    I'm so confused like do people actually care? There is no question asked here it's just some person telling a life story that literally maybe 5 people out of the millions on this website care about. Why you do dis. Just... For why. WHY. Why why why why. No. Stop.

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