Getting Off Too Easy: Should Trump Have Been Allowed to Settle his Lawsuits Before taking the Oath?

  • Yes and no

    I think he is getting off too easily, but as far as we know, the settlement was legitimately offered and accepted. I'd have preferred to see him face trial and see what kind of penalties he would have gotten, but there doesn't appear to be anything off about the settlement. It would have been much more difficult to try a sitting president.

  • We can't change the rules for one person

    Unfortunately, Trump had the same option that any other person would have faced in that situation. While many find it unfair, there is nothing we can do to change the law at this point just to go against him. He is subject to the same rules and regulations in the court of law as anyone else. And, to top it off, the people filing the suit apparently agreed with the amount.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Trump faces a legal ordeal no president-elect has ever encountered: juggling defending himself before a jury with preparing for the vast challenges a political novice will face in assuming the presidency. Trump hasn't changed he's the same demogague he was on the stump. I suspect he will now use his position to pressure the outcome of the Trump University case. Nothings really changed except his approach now that he's the President elect.

  • No, he should not have.

    THe only good thing about this is that there will probably be more lawsuits and criminal allegations that he will have to answer to in the future. Donald Trump is a bad, bad man, and he has done many bad things. He will have to face the consequences of his actions eventually.

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