Getting rich off the stock market: Are already-rich, college-educated white kids getting rich off the stock market?

  • this is possible

    If they know how to use it, and can place their stock into a company well, then yea I bet they are getting rich off the stock market. I would if I knew how to do stocks, but it's not simple and I know that. That's why i choose not to risk it for now.

  • The rich just keep getting richer

    It's true that college-educated white kids are getting rich off the stock market. Their education has not only taught them to capitalise on any opportunity granted by the economic system but also given a network of like minded individuals whose collective buying power can make or break a companies fortunes.

  • Yes, and they always have done.

    Highly educated business graduates, who often come from privileged white families, are the only ones who are able to afford this kind of education. This education allows them to form strong business relationships with traders who can help them make well-judged bets on the stock market. Playing the market successfully can make the right individual millions in minutes.

  • No. But some whites are

    I worked a crappy minimum wage job throughout high school and invested a lot of my money earned into stock. I looked into how to buy ans sell and set up my own etrade. I soon expanded my money tremendously. You don't have to be white, Rich, Or highly educated to do well in stocks. You just need to be a little ambitious and willing to inform yourself on investment strategies.

  • No, Most of them are not but mabe some.

    No, Most of them are not but maybe some. Perhaps some of the kids are getting rich off of the market but most are not. I don't think there are that many kids with a really big interest in putting money inside of the market. I really feel that those kids are just living their lives as usual.

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