Ghost In the Shell: Should the casting of Scarlett Johanson be considered whitewashing?

  • Yes the casting of Scarlett Johanson should be considered whitewashing.

    The casting of Scarlet Johanson in the Ghost in the Shell should be considered whitewashing. She is a white actress who was cast in a Japanese role. A Japanese or Asian actress should have been considered for this part rather than an American actress with no Asian heritage. There are few opportunities for large roles for non-white actresses and it should be considered whitewashing when a white actress is cast in a role meant for a non-white individual.

  • Yes, the casting of Miss Johanson would be considered whitewashing

    The role in Ghost In the Shell should be led by an Asian actor but Scarlett has the necessary combination of name recognition, star presence and action skills. It is a mistake to take a white actor and make her look more Asian to fit the role. It appears like whitewashing.

  • Casting is not ideal

    I agree that the casting of Scarlett Johanson in Ghost in the Shell could, and perhaps should, be seen as an example of whitewashing. Big movies now have such a worldwide and international appeal that a non-Caucasian lead would not be a detriment either to audience engagement or to audience numbers.

  • Yes, it's true.

    Yes, this is true. It is correct to say that the casting of Scarlett Johanson should be considered whitewashing. This is so because of the casting in in the movie Ghost in the Shell. Scarlett Johanson should have made it more realistic than it was actually produced. This is is why it is whitewashing.

  • No the casting of Scarlett Johanson should not be considered white washing.

    No, its not whitewashing. Scarlett fits the role she is taking on. Besides, didn't everyone complain about how the casting for the Attack on titan movie wasn't as diverse as the anime but now everyone is complaining that a movie based off of an anime needs to cast only Japanese people?
    No, people just want to claim everything as racism. What about the 'new Annie' movie, they casted characters that were traditionally white as African, but nobody complained because they were afraid of being called racist. I know Scarlett will do a great job, she suits the role perfectly.

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