Giancarlo Stanton signs 13 year, 375 million dollar contract with Marlins: Do you find this ridiculous?

Asked by: rphk123
  • Its not reasonable

    Athletes jobs aren't important enough to be paid. There is no reason for him to be paid that much, yea its good for him but the money can go to something more useful than hiring a baseball player. There are people who work harder than they do to help other people but they don't get paid millions dollars for that. Also like the first person said, they have no value to society, all they do is play sports.

  • Paying Sports figures such money is ridiculous

    The issue is not whether or not we should ban such a practice. I would be strongly against that. They are payed based on what people value. My problem is that we value so highly people who do things that have no value to society, but seriously undervalue those who we need.

  • Deal with it

    There's been rich and poor since the beginning of human history. There's always somebody who has it better off than someone. Dislike of a paycheck like that is just jealousy.
    So what if people get paid a lot. What moaning about going to do?
    Just calm down and quit complaining just because someone is better off than you.

  • No, both parties agreed to it.

    They negotiated and this is the deal that they come up with. Obviously the Marlins think he is WORTH it. The important thing here being that his employer think he is worth the salary because he got exceptional skills. And that's how it should be, salary based on skills and worth. Nobody forced either party.

  • He's the best

    It's a lot of money, but on the other hand he is the best hitter in the game of baseball right now (arguably). If anybody in baseball or any other sport is going to get this kind of money, it's going to be him. The Marlins will likely make more than 375 million from him staying in Miami, so I'd say it is a logical move.

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