Giants beat Bengals in close game: Is this a future Super Bowl match-up?

  • The Bengals went to the Super Bowl twice, so they can do it again.

    The Cincinnati Bengals have been stuck in a rut for 25 years. They can still get to the playoffs, win the Wild Card round, then use the motivation from the win to motivate them in the next game, and the game after that. Giants may be able to do the same thing. Unfortunately, the match won't be able to come in a season or two. Everything takes time, and with football, sometimes it's a long time.

  • Yes, it is.

    Yes, this is true. I strongly believe that this is a future Super Bowl match-up. By the giants beating the Bengals in a close game, it is actually a future Super Bowl match-up. The Giants have recently proved to be strong and more powerful. Therefore this is a good sign.

  • I don't think the Giants and Bengals will be a Super Bowl match up.

    While the game between the Giants and the Bengals was close and entertaining, I don't think we'll see these two teams in the Super Bowl anytime soon. The Giants could possible make an appearance but the Bengals I feel will not make it. That could change this year but I feel that is highly unlikely.

  • Not this year

    Both the Giants and the Bengals are long-shots to get deep into the playoffs this year, and I would be extremely surprised to see either of them in the Super Bowl. The Giants are doing well so far this year, but the Bengals will really have to turn around their season to make the playoffs, and even then the New England Patriots stand ready to smack down any other AFC contenders.

  • There are too many other teams.

    There are too many other teams in the running to choose the Super Bowl match-up so early in the season. By the time the playoffs roll around, both of these teams will have done much more research and academic work on how to play against other teams. Every other team in the league will have done the same. This was just one game that happened to be close.

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