Giants beat Bengals in close game: Will this lead to a winning season for the Giants?

  • The Giants are looking strong as a team.

    The Giants win over the Bengals in such a close game really speaks to the strength of the Giants as a team this season. Sitting at 6-3, the Giants are in a great position so far in the season. If they can keep up their momentum, I have no doubt the Giants are looking at a winning season.

  • They are on track.

    Every win helps, and the Giants won an important game. The Bengals are a strong team, and beating them stood for something. There are many teams over which a win doesn't mean much, but some critics are saying that the Bengals have a shot at the Super Bowl this year. The Giants scored a great win.

  • Yes, that was an important game.

    The Giants are 6-3 now, so they have a very good chance at having a winning season. The game against the Bengals was crucial. They have nine games remaining now, and they only need to win a few more to have a winning season. Had they lost to the Bengals, they would have a much tougher road to a winning season.

  • The Giants are in a good spot

    Although Dallas has been enjoying a great season and sits atop the NFC East, the Giants are having a great season and are well situated to at least have a winning season and get into the playoffs as a wild card. Eli Manning and other important Giants have big-game experience, and that will help down the stretch as the games get more and more important.

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