Giants might not make playoffs: Should Tim Tebow be playing for the Giants?

  • He was a good player.

    Tim Tebow was released from the NFL because of his beliefs and what he stands for. Tebow won many awards in college football. There was no reason that he wasn't skilled enough to be successful in the NFL. The NFL didn't want the distractions of Tebow, but it didn't have anything to do with his playing.

  • Yes, I think so.

    It is also no secret that the Giants need to improve their ability in running the ball, especially the power running type plays. It is with all of that in mind, combined with the amount of plays designed in the new Giants offense where they can throw passes to players coming out of the backfield, that I think the Giants should bring in Tebow to be a tight end/fullback to help improve their roster.

  • Yes, Tim Tebow should play for the Giants.

    Yes, Tim Tebow should play for the San Francisco Giants. Mr. Tebow is an immensely talented athlete who would surely be able to help the Giants make the playoffs. He has also proven himself to be an honorable Christian warrior and an inspiration to many young people who live Christ-centered lives.

  • No, he should not.

    Tim Tebow is not a great football player. Having him on the Giants does nothing to help them win, and will not help them get to the super bowl. If anything having Tim Tebow on the Giants would make it much less likely that they would win the Super Bowl this season.

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