Gingrich and the "propaganda media": If you are not for Trump, does that mean that you are against him?

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  • No, it is possible to be neutral.

    There has been a lot of unnecessary controversy over this year's election. Many people are either vehemently for or vehemently against Trump. However, it is possible to be for someone else without being against Trump completely. Neutrality is often rare in politics but it does exist. Just because someone is not for Trump does not mean they are against him.

  • I think you can be neutral.

    I'm against Trump but I think people do hold a neutral stance regarding him and they should be allowed to do so. I understand that the guy deserves a chance, but this isn't flipping burgers, it's the office of the President of the United States of America. Trump doesn't have any experience of public office. No matter what the right, left or middle of the road people say or what the pundits and media say, everyone should be concerned about his inexperience.

  • No, you can lack support for Trump without being "against" him.

    Being against Trump assumes active dislike of him as a politician and/or as a person. If you don't support Trump as a politician, it doesn't necessarily mean that you dislike him. You can disagree with a politician's policies or feel that his experience is inadequate for the post of President without campaigning against him.

  • That is one-dimensional.

    There is more that a person can think than just yes or no. Things are not always black and white. Trump is a complicated politician. The vast majority of the people in the United States did not vote for Trump in the primaries. Many people have mixed feelings about Trump that cannot be reduced to yes or no.

  • Not necessarily against him

    I'm against Trump, don't get me wrong. But you can be not for Trump, but not against him. People can be indifferent to him. They can support another candidate, but not be against Trump. If you support someone else, that doesn't mean you're against Trump. Trump might be someone's 2nd pick, we don't know.

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