• Ginuwine knows social media and expected the reponse to his nude pics

    The "Pony" singer uses social media frequently and knows that millions of people love to have a reason to comment on anything they see. The idea of "leaked" nude photos of a male instead of a female celebrity just adds to the frenzy. People feel more comfortable making crude comments and jokes about nude pictures of a male.

  • Yes he did.

    Genuwine posed for and realeased the photos with the understanding that they would be seen on and commented on by millions of people around the world. He knew what would happen because the same reaction from the public occured when hundreds of other celebrities released nude photos. Its a predictable reaction.

  • I think so

    At this point he's clearly got to be aware of the 100s of other celebs who've had their nude shots leaked or hacked. Not sure when Ginuwine's were taken, but in this day and age no one's privates are really private, so he had to expect that at some point someone who saw them would share his "situation" with the public.

  • No, he did not.

    It looks like the “Pony” singer trusted someone with the photos, and whelp, this was the outcome. The photo's leaked on Twitter. Folks on social media definitely didn’t hold back when responding to the photos. In fact, most people applauded the pop star and his man parts. Others saying how we are all born naked. I have no problem with this too.

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