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  • I do not judge people based on appearance.

    "Do not judge, lest you should be judged." Luke 7:1
    Though not religious myself, this is still fitting for the situation. Judging people based solely on appearance is a problem that people have, and should try to remedy.
    Also, I see nothing wrong with a dragon tattoo, if you like dragons, why not get one?

    P.S. As with most of your other questions, can you try to word them better? It makes it less confusing, and makes you seem less stupid.

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Adam2isback says2015-09-16T21:24:51.223
Oh God! This movie is stupid. See if this had been set in Italy with a tomboy and her autistic bro raping a girly girl -- then this movie wouldn't be o stupid. As Nazis and pervertion are a big part of Italian life (the latter being unfortunate).

But racism in freaking Sweden is not Nazi. It's freaking Allied racism (like we saw in Britain, in Denmark, in Israel). I mean can't these morons ever get it right. Racism in Sweden is Nazi. Hahahahaahah XD What a joke.