Girls are WAY better at reading and writing than boys. Statistics prove that BOOM!

  • Yes they are

    Girls get things done way faster so all of the people who are saying no are just thinking girls no nothing but boys play more video games than girls so girls are more smart plus more boys play fortnite and you get addicted to that thing so girls are better.

  • Yes they are

    I am a girl, And I am far more into reading than my brother (or any buy I know). My brother NEVER reads unless he has to! I ALWAYS read and if someone asks. . . I SAY YES EVERY TIME! I think I have proved my point by this comment! Bye

  • Yes go to college

    Maybe your mom and sister are not but that does not mean everyone is like them.
    Go to college and see how skilled they are. What I do see are egotistical boys who think they need to be better than girls. No one wants to do research on this and the ones that do use weak method. Look at the shady websites and how they hide their method. They could be using their own mothers or sisters to make them feel better about not being smart enough

  • Not In My Experience

    In my experience, There is minimal superiority for boys over girls in the areas of science and math. There is also minimal superiority for girls over boys in the areas of literature and relationships. But this is mostly regarding interest in the methods that subjects are taught, Rather than skill in the subjects themselves.

    But the real "difference" going on these days is that schools are being suited to interest/esteem girls WAY more than boys, And to make all students more effeminite from enrollment. Girls are also being pandered to generally these days for the sake of "empowerment" without any reciprocated sense of responsibility.

    I also don't know what "statistics" you're referring to.

  • I don't think so.

    First: No evidence was provided despite claiming that there are statistics that prove this. Second: This isn't even a question, It's a statement. Third: What is this topic even about? What is it trying to prove? And being better at reading and writing? What does that even mean? Define what "being better" at reading and writing means.

  • Definitely not true

    I am a girl myself and I do not believe this. Men can be just as smart, If not, Smarter than girls. I have seen it before. While I can't get the proof I saw because I'd doubt you believe me, I want your statistics for this to show me.

  • What statistics? Hmmmmmm. . .

    You say this but show no sources. Please show actually evidence to show this. Tbh, This is really just a 14 trying to get attention. History and evidence has shown that boys are not only smarter, But stronger. Its not sexism, Its biology. Now please show sources or your entire argument is invalid.


    https://www. Quora. Com/Are-men-generally-physically-stronger-than-women-Is-it-medically-proven-If-a-boy-and-girl-are-given-the-same-kind-of-training-from-childhood-will-they-become-players-of-the-same-quality-in-physical-sports

    http://www. Iqcomparisonsite. Com/sexdifferences. Aspx

  • Girls are not better than boys.

    Many people keep on saying that girls are better than boys because they are more into school and other things unlike boys who are into Fortnite and other stuff. I am a boy myself. I play Fortnite. And i still get good grades in school. The reason why many boys are failing in school is because they do not do work. I do not fall into this category at all. You can still do Video game related activities and get good grades if you do your best. There is no reason for this opinion to be up here.

    P. S. Please get rid of that horrible anime thumbnail or whatever it is.

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